Kent County Fun!

Both choirs performed BRILLIANTLY last weekend at the Kent County Fayre, in Detling. The Rockits (Saturday) were bloody brilliant, incredibly brave and sang so well, even though it was raining and dull. It wasn’t the easiest event due to Covid regs and distancing, having to stand on a bandstand, being outside AND getting wet. Woohoo – none of those things deterred them in the least and they bounced through their sets, ending with a brilliant YMCA! The Hearties arrived on Sunday morning in their sequin tops and brought the sun along too. It was actually the first time they had performed together in this lineup and I was anxious to hear them (I actually hadn’t heard them other than at our ‘spaced out’ rehearsals at Market Square) and I was genuinely thrilled. I saw a glimpse of what they could be and know we WILL be. Onwards and upwards!

Jane of The George led the Hawkhurst sops xxxx

The Ruby Sisterz also performed for the first time in their new lineup. Tina is the new Sister and she is absolutely brilliant – she’s very entertaining to watch, as she’s animated and very smiley. A great singer too and can really hang on to those harmonies. The Sisterz had worked hard and it really did show! Well done girls.

The Ruby Sisterz. Marion, Kate, Tracy, Karen, Tina.

Caroline did a wonderful job organising the County Fayre on our behalf – her days spent in the army are serving us well, haha, as the weekend ran smoothly, with military precision. There’s so much more goes into organising events than anyone would realise. There’s all the legal stuff, meetings to attend, bands to sort out (and their legal stuff) etc. It’s all a logistical nightmare. Then so much little fiddly stuff too. Brava!

Caroline and (some of) Marylebone Jelly.

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