Social Services 0 – Us 1. Ave Maria

Had a fabulous rehearsal in Rosina’s Garden this morning with various Rockits. It was nice to have the time to break the songs down into sections and work on them more slowly. I felt flat this morning, but soon felt MUCH better when I saw everyone there. Such a lovely bunch. I am really struggling with summer – I can’t breathe at all well when I am outside and not much better when I am inside. I just did, Ave Maria, for the Hearties and found it incredibly hard to sing. With no air, it’s hard to pitch well and I scraped through the highest notes. Ouch! Never mind, I love the clashy “love can come” that pops up a few times.

Hugo, keeping a sleeping Rufus company.

I’ve decided that people talk too much about entirely the wrong stuff. “Women are finally talking about the menopause.” Really? What is there to say? You’ll get hot flushes, you’ll feel a bit rubbish…you’ll get over it…eventually. Some of us may even need medical help; it’s no big deal either way. Why do we have to dissect and debate everything? Is it more that people have become self obsessed? No one wants to get old, but we do! We get wrinkled, we go grey, we get tired, we get sweaty while queuing in Tesco. The great thing is that our eyesight also fails and we are blissfully unaware of our unruly eyebrows, whiskery chins and varicose veins. We start seeing life through a Vaseline covered lens, like Greta Garbo. Women have always talked to their closest friends about women’s stuff, I’m not aware of anyone ever being embarrassed by it – on the contrary, we laugh about most of it. Vaccine debates are still raging, people don’t stop moaning about the country we live in (move out then – try a country with no NHS, or financial support of any kind) and women all think they’re in the *peri menopause, oh please! I say, go to a nice tea shop with your pal and just sit quietly together and watch the world go by. Stoic. That’s us – sure, we are changing in odd ways, but it needn’t overwhelm us and blight our later years. Branch out, just like your eyebrows are trying to do. Also, NOTHING is as bad as “The Masked Dancer” (ITV). *I think Peri Menopause could be a new character for CP to play! He will need a new wig…

Little Max enjoying Benenden Park.

Wrongdoings can never really be put right, especially when they impact on a family as badly as last years events did to mine. However, we just had news that I am pleased about. The Social Services acted appallingly and bought into a fabricated story, without collecting any factual evidence. I lodged an official complaint against the Social Services and rather surprisingly, this was picked up by our Local Government Ombudsmen (they investigate final stage complaints against councils) and after their lengthy investigations, they found the Social Services to be at fault. We will be issued with formal apologies, a small financial ‘sorry’ (peanuts compared to the court costs!) and there will be changes made to the way cases like ours are handled in the future. The LGO have access to all official documents, so they went off and did their own independent searches (without asking for a single word about it from us), and of course, came to the same conclusion as anyone else would. Needless to say, the imbecile from the Social Services no longer works for them.

A day out in London for Finn and co. xxx
Ave Maria, Beyonce. Arr. Max Wilson.

1 thought on “Social Services 0 – Us 1. Ave Maria

  1. Glad you got an apology for the wrong caused to your family, although it certainly doesn’t make up for the stress and time lost.

    Such a beautiful arrangement of Ava Maria Max. 💕


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