Tractors, Time, a 50th, a photo.

Tractorfest has been cancelled! What a shame! After a year of waiting to join together for some festival fun, we have been stopped in our tracks, before we’ve even ordered our new wellies! It can’t be helped, but hugely disappointing. However, we will be singing at the Kent County Show, Detling, on a lovely bandstand and also locally at Hawkfest (my spellcheck keeps trying to write Hawfest, which I definitely don’t fancy going to). We have just FOUR weeks before the County Show, so I’ve pulled in some of our old favourites, Fire to the Rain and our lovely version of, Angels. The Ruby Sisterz will also be singing at the KCS, along with The Hearties. Our old friend, Jamie Johnson is also coming along! Market Square sessions are going VERY well and this week we had the entire choirs in, but in socially distanced pods. Caroline measured out Market Square, taped areas off and hired snipers who were positioned ready to fire if anyone stepped out of their box, haha.

The Ruby Sisterz have been working super hard.

Huge happy 50th to Sarah P, a good friend, great singer, lovely choir leader and best pal to Beth – in fact the official, Matron Of Honour at next years wedding. Oh yes and mum to Thomas. ❤️❤️ I am also having a few small celebrations (with Hugo) because, 1. Butsy seems on the up and has pulled herself through several VERY hard months. It’s so hard being a mum with a newborn that never sleeps and a super energetic 3 year old. 2. I saw the photo below of lovely Liz and it made me smile so much. Brilliant attitude. I was EXACTLY the same when my hair went (chemo) too. Beth and I were laying in my bed in hysterics. It’s not nice and both Liz and I had a few quiet minutes when it happened, but then you’ve just got to carry on, carrying on and smile and write “ha, ha, ha” on your photo. It’s just a body, it’s just hair – it’s not who any of us actually are. 3. I came home on a real high after tonight’s rehearsal, just like I used to pre-Covid. 4. Went to the cinema for the first time in over a year, to see, The Father. Not jolly, but good all the same.

Happy 50th to Sarah P. xxxxx

Time, the new BBC series with Sean Bean, is bloody brilliant. Harrowing, gripping, but just enough moments of light, in the darkness. Fantastic casting. I think a dream part for Mr Bean. On another (random) note – why do people say that despite a disability you should still be able to turn your dreams into a reality? That’s simply not possible. I’d love to have been a prima ballerina in the Royal Ballet, own a theatre and in the Olympic synchronised swimming team, BUT none of those things are possible – not just because I didn’t try, but because I am too tall/fat/poor/stupid… etc. Dreams need to be achievable. Today Dad and I went to look at a car and we chatted about this on the way home – seriously, I would have liked to have either been a lawyer or a conductor (orchestras, not buses). It was never something I thought possible when I was young and so I just headed off into married life and teaching piano. Forty years later, either of those things would seem normal and achievable for a youngster. I’m happy with my music now though.

When I saw this photo it made me SO happy. Hearts, music, laughter and smiles. xxxx

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