Spirits, Stonehenge, Spiders!

For some time, I have been dipping into the song, Spirit, by Beyonce. In my head it will sound great with the choir singing it, but it’s quite fiddly…however, we will try, haha. I just played it to Butsy – I knew EXACTLY what she would say before she said it. “Love the clashy resolving note and the sops scale at the end.” This song takes a LOT of puff, especially in this lovely hot weather. Speaking of which, the boys have been to beaches and eating lollies galore.

I loved the new series on Netflix, Halston, with Ewan (still very easy on the eye) McGregor. It’s a bit crazy, but dripping with elegance – I love series set in the 60s/70s, that are full of glamorous costumes and dazzling sets. You wouldn’t believe I love fashion, as I live in worn out Sketchers, jeans and anything else that fits. This series though, somehow inspires me. Inspiration is so important to have in our lives. I’ve missed seeing live music and shows – I normally come away feeling my batteries are recharged and ready for a new project. Whatever I see, I want to do something better, despite that fact I am a nobody from Tenterden with a hairless cat, a very slow computer and an overdraft.

Oh my word, I had ANOTHER tooth taken out! I really, REALLY am fed up with all of this. My dentist says its mostly due to the aftermath of all the cancer treatments. Great. We pull ourselves through all this chemo and rubbish and end up with teeth resembling a miniature version of Stonehenge. Call me, Max MaCavity. Oh well. Dad said, “never mind. I read in the paper that you can live on porridge.” Thanks Dad. Also, for the first time in my life, I found something that I couldn’t bring myself to eat. I am honestly the least fussy foodie I have EVER met – I will literally eat anything (unless its coriander). Today I was defeated by a Waitrose low calorie Thai chicken curry. I couldn’t even manage two forkfuls – it was so disgusting. I just hate Thai food and I am sure of this, as I have now tried it twice.

Aaaaaahhhhh. 1am and went to bed, only to find a HUGE spider on the ceiling above my bed. This is the problem with being single – no help catching arachnids! I usually quickly tread on them (sorry), but when one is above your bed, you CAN’T fail! This calls for the hoover, on its super, spider-sucking setting. Take note Mr Dyson…you may have good filters and no bags, but you forgot the bloody spider setting! My hoover is now in the garden just in case the spider crawls back out in the night. EEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!

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