Extraordinary Pink Rag ‘n’ bones.

I don’t want things to return to normal – I want them to return to better, to brilliant, to extraordinary. The power of “we” is huge, so let’s see what WE can manage with a little more effort and imagination. The choirs so need to be back now – choirs are only partly about singing. They are support systems too and a year without socialising, spent sitting on the sofa, has done no one any favours. I’ve got one of my best ever ideas brewing…simmering away. This year will be all about picking up where we stopped in early 2020, but bring on 2022! For now, it’s all systems go for Tractorfest in August, Think Pink (Breast Cancer Now) dates in October and our usual Christmas cabarets. There will also be a Macmillan Coffee morning in September, anything for a slice of cake! I very much hope that Covid stays at safe levels and our plans don’t get hampered.

We’ve all had such grotty colds, but I can just about sing again, so finished off my little Rag ‘n’ bone/Pink song, Anywhere away from here. It’s super simple and is mostly just two parts, with a third higher part for added oomph later in the song. I had three requests for it, so have done it for the Rockits. This song doesn’t lend itself to anything complex and I think it’s simplicity will make it lovely. I recorded it with Hugo nestled on my chest, so you may hear a few purrs if you listen carefully. He has a little tin of shower caps for when I run him under the tap. Speaking of caps – I have a helmet. CP has bought a scooter…

The year that has gone has made me value life even more…cancer and a year of being shut at home due to Covid, makes you think about every detail of your life and not worry in the least about trivial rubbish. We need to celebrate with friends, to laugh, to treasure our freedom. I hope others feel like me and decide to tackle things they always feared, embrace new and difficult, ‘outofyourcomfortzone’ stuff. Come on – you really can do it, seize the day.

Ru and Maxon

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