Sunny Busy Bank Holiday.

It’s all happening this weekend! Hugo has moved in, Glenn had a birthday, Rexy got registered, the Whatman’s went to Wingham, the Wilson’s went to Port Lympne, panelling went up in my hall, the garden got tidied, I babysat so Glenn and Butsy could go for their first post Rexy drink and in between I beavered away at the Think Pink Medley, score. OMG – it was so long and so complex and took bloody ages. Just to make it even harder, at one point, I left Hugo in my music room and when I came back, found he had walked across my midi keyboard and input an entire page of music on top of all the other bits I had already written! Aaah!! Next week promises to be ultra busy too and includes a visit with my surgeon about phase two of my rebuild. I will certainly be ready for my little break in the IoW in July.

Rexy finally got registered. Rex Anthony Whatman.

Hugo is TINY, I guess usual kitten size, but as he has no fur, he looks that much smaller. When he’s tucked up, his body looks exactly like a small poussin (pre cooking) and he has a scrawny head, no bigger than a ping pong ball, massive Yoda ears and piercing, blue eyes. After a time you get used to his wrinkles and instead see his cute (but odd) little face and he is so affectionate. The Sphynx is known to be the most intelligent breed of cat and I will test this out when he is older and able to do mathematics. This is my final attempt at having a pet that I’m not allergic too. Strangely, they don’t come entirely without allergies and need rinsing off under the tap once a week, to keep their skin looking pink and freshly plucked. Finn said, “he is beautiful, but weird and um…pink!” Rufus thinks he is a wingless Pterodactyl. In case you are wondering, he feels suede-like, a bit like a peach, with a dusty coating on his skin. He has black Siamese points which have slightly more fluff on them. Ooh – and webbed paws.

A heatseeking missile of a cat – Hairless Hugo.

Friends, the reunion. They made 236 episodes and ended up with 25,000 000 viewers a week! My kids loved Friends and I remember watching it as a family for so many years. It’s a tiny part of the absolute, with no doubt, happiest years of my life. Such a happy home. The reunion show brought back so many memories and it was interesting to see that they are actually, genuinely, very close friends. I suppose that is what made the show work.

A fishy chocolate cake with jazzies for scales made by Din Dins and Rufus for Glenn’s birthday.

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