Cold Market Squares and Colds.

Hilarious! Last week as we began rehearsals in Market Square, I kept picturing a Morecambe and Wise sketch. They are on a ship on a stormy sea, but clearly it’s a TV set and they are performing a play, “what” Ernie wrote. There are powerful fans blowing and buckets of water are being thrown at them. This was us, haha, hanging onto our papers with numb fingers. Talk about dedication! ‘Skyfall’ really was stormy and atmospheric and the lows felt like Bond Girls (briefly). We have sung in so many odd places. I can imagine Market Square making a wonderful singing space when it’s warmer – hopefully June will be flaming!

Rexy. Four whole months of loveliness.

As I collect more Amigo’s, I have decided it is ok to use their names, when they are singular! This is more to do with my brain malfunctioning trying to remember which little boy is which little Amigo – I, II, III or IV AND if we ever have a girl, she may be an Amiga (I think that’s old computer gaming stuff). I don’t think they will get kidnapped and held to ransom as hardly anyone reads my blog (it’s only tucked on the Rockits FB page) AND anyone that does know us, knows we have no material riches – we are rich in other ways. Yesterday, while I looked after Rufus, he was busy pretending to be a fire breathing dragon and then suddenly he stopped flying around the room, came over to me, put his arms around my neck and his head against mine and just held on, silently for several seconds. He had never done this before. So lovely – this is how he passes his germs on, haha. Rexy is getting much better and is now 4 months old and rather gorgeous, with huge blue eyes and fair hair coming through now.

The sun has got his hat on – and so has our Finn! xxxx

My lot are now on our second grotty cold (Covid tests regularly done!). I blame Rufus (Amigo II) for sharing. I lazed around for a couple of days and didn’t even set foot in my studio during the night – such a pain getting colds as I always get a super husky voice and can’t record vocals for ages. I had been working on the new Rag ‘n bone/Pink collaboration, which I will now resume as the cold buggers off. Even the weather was dismal, but it’s now brighter and the sun has finally put in an appearance! The sun may need to look at its job description, as May is nearly over and it’s just showing up! I thought to rewatch Game of Thrones but I think it’s still too fresh in my mind. If, like me, you thought it was some kind of nonsensical teen rubbish, you’re wrong. It’s brilliant. I was hooked from the first episode. To my lovely pal L – you got this girl! Xxxx

Rufus and mummy. xxxxx

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