Eurovision fever.

Life feels almost normal finally. We are out shopping, eating in restaurants, having meetings INSIDE, brilliant – even watching Eurovision, live! We always have a laugh when the Eurovision Song Contest is on. We each watch from our own homes, but we text and keep all lines of communication open. The biggest surprise of all, is that it has got rather good! It’s always been entertaining, but a bit like Poundland – full of a load of brightly coloured tat, that no one with any taste would want in their home. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Eurovision, even though it’s been pretty dreadful for many years now. No longer! There were some GREAT singers and some rather good songs. Italy won – not surprising as Europe loves rock. The highlight for me, was Switzerland’s entry AND the hostess who was a real giant. She was about the same height as Ben Nevis. I have never seen such a gigantic woman and wondered how on Earth she fitted in a car or a phone box.

Thats me, cousin Cousin Karen & family, Dad and lastly, CP.

If anyone asked if I watching the contest, I got them to send a selfie of themselves watching it. The messages are SO funny….

Then also watching – Caroline, Uncle Kenny & Auntie Anita, Ollie and Amanda and Bruff the dog.

CP “Woohoo. We’re off!” Butsy “Jesus Christ!!” (referring to a photo of a hairless cat with no eyes and not the BFH). CP “OMG!!” (shocked by cat). Me “I would put marbles in the eye sockets if it was my cat.” Butsy “that song was terrible.” CP “It’s Eurovision, forget musicality!” Butsy “Mum, let’s enter Eurovision – just write some cheese with three key changes.” Me “Ooh, I like Switzerland – he sounds like the guy from Aha.” CP “If her outfit was any tighter I could practice gynaecology just by looking at the TV…where are my glasses?” Me “She was quite good!” Butsy “Mum – that’s a ‘he’! We are the only country to get 0 points.” CP “Mums hairless cat could do better.” Me “Maybe they have made a mistake and lost our 525 votes.” Actually, the U.K’s entry was truly and utterly dreadful. We deserved nil points. I know we can never win, but let’s at least try!

Butsy, Rex and Glenn. Cousin Janine and Georgie. Cousin Pete (bottom left) and the eyeless, hairless cat.

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