The first day of my new year.

A new year of blogging couldn’t start at a better place. I feel like celebrating as I had my scan results and they are clear (PHEW) AND Amigo III was three on Saturday and I was able to go and see him and watch him blow his candles out as usual. He asked for a little cake with a house and balloons in the chimney – just like the Disney film, Up. Have you seen it? It’s SO lovely and not the usual sugarcoated naff Disney style. It’s about an old man who travels IN his house (with the help of lots of helium balloons) to a dream destination, after his wife dies. I think the story is beautifully put together and something adults and children can enjoy equally. Other TV gems I have watched recently include, “This time with Alan Partridge” (series 2) it did make me chuckle (and grimace), although I do appreciate it’s an acquired taste, just like hairless cats. It’s SO un PC which is quite refreshing in our world full of ‘woke’ rubbish. I always think back to the days when we did an Alan Partridge (musical) tribute act – yes, really. It entertained us far more than the audience. If you’re not brave or crazy enough for Alan Partridge, try IPlayers ‘Starstruck’ – it’s a super light, easy watch, a bit like Fleabag. Turn off – The Brits. Most of the ‘artists’ on it had less talent than a toothbrush.

A cake and a house in one. The house from UP.

Well, the English weather is up to it’s usual tricks! Unsettled, gloomy, sunny, pouring with rain, hail…not good for our first week back to singing in larger numbers outside. The new rules are for 30 per group outside. Woohoo, or so we thought, until it just kept raining and raining. Magically, a reply popped up in my email box from Pierre Edmonds, who came to our rescue and kindly let us use Market Square, by the Waitrose car park. It is PERFECT and allowed us to finally sing together last night – it was SO lovely to see everyone walking in with their deckchairs and flasks (I doubt it was tea haha). We will be holding sessions here until we can be inside a hall and I hope we continue to use Market Square when the weather is lovely too, for in between sessions. Theatres are bursting back to life with the May 17th lifting of some restrictions. The bigger shows can’t open yet as they can’t afford to open while social distancing is in place and half the seats are empty. I pray that lockdown will still end on June 21st as so many are depending on it, but it’s looking a bit dodgy as the new Indian variant is proving a real problem. Seems very odd that pubs are now open but we can’t sing together in a hall. We had a little meeting for the Rockits group leaders this evening and I have to say, I loved hearing all the laughter – we are a noisy lot when we get together, haha.

CP AKA Alan Partridge and a very young Butsy, singing ‘Rolling the ball,’ by Kate Bush.

Butsy had a little trial in The Latte Lounge this morning for a few of her Toddler and Baby Rockits and they had some photos taken too. This is a really lovely premises AND (important to me!) the coffee is very good too. B&T Rockits are branching out to Cranbrook (babies only as there are other Toddler groups in the area and we don’t tread on toes!) and there is a long waiting list for her one in Headcorn.

Woohoo – Amigo III is three! He LOVED it all so much, especially his globe, volcano and hamster game.

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