A few days in the life of me.

May has arrived and along with it, a season of change. I have started to feel slightly better and making sure I am more active. I think people often perk up before they die, haha. Several little nice things happened today. I received the new Birdy CD in the post from Butsy, with ‘Mummy’ on the envelope and I found a mini egg down the side of the sofa. We love Birdy, one of the few originals among a sea of copycats. I also heard that Hugo is doing well and will be with me in 3 weeks.

My beauties xxxxx

I have taught no end of pods this week, out in the sunshine…although its bloody cold. I’ve done some bulk cooking to feed Butsy’s brood and stocked my freezer for overly busy future days. In between the pods, I recorded today’s song, Cabaret – which is one of the openers for this years Christmas cabaret! I’m very pleased with this arrangement as it’s full of life and makes me want to sing at the top of my voice, haha. The soprano part is very squeaky – sorry Sops! Some days I am out singing for up to 8 hours and then I come home and sing again. This is why I am single, well that and the fact that I can’t stand people for long and eat Ryvita in bed, haha. My days are very busy, but kind of nice too. Amigo II went to his swimming lesson and now has a grotty cold, which I am sure all kids have after a year of being stuck at home without a germ in sight. During my days, there are no hours unaccounted for. That’s fine, because right now it’s necessary to work with little groups (due to Covid) and we have a new baby in the family. So many of you are just like me too, juggling work and family. I am definitely a no nonsense, get on with it, kind of person. There are those that do stuff and those that give up when the slightest obstacle pops up. Where there’s a will, there IS always a way.

Amigo IV – nearly three months old and very tall for his age.

We are starting to put together Butsy and Glenn’s wedding for next year. It will be the last wedding for our immediate family for many years to come, so it needs to be super special. It will be a celebration of life, a real country wedding – no formal rubbish, uncomfortable shoes, tailcoats or long speeches. It will be boho-style chic, with hops and fairy lights. The Hearties will sing, there will be lovely food, a well stocked bar, barrels of beer and a gin bath (now that’s interesting!). For once, I have decided that I won’t do ANYTHING funny.

Amigo III in a rope tunnel! xxx

Cabaret, for our Christmas Cabaret! © Arr Max Wilson.

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