All aboard for Canary Wharf.

I’ve done well flying through the new rep for the choirs and putting together shows. I tend to devote Sunday entirely to writing scores – if I really work at it, I can do a full one in a day. The week is hectic at the moment, with all the al fresco singing sessions I attend (pods of 6) and nanny duties, one to ones, hospital appointments and all manner of other things. My evenings are usually spent putting together new songs, broken with occasional cups of tea and odd half hours watching something on TV. There is so much work that goes into running choirs – of course the music is the main thing, but there’s lots of other stuff too, like putting together events and promoting them and sorting out the legalities of it all. Thank God I get help from my homies! Phew! Every show needs artwork, flyers, banners, tickets, advertising, a venue, lighting, sound, a bar, a raffle, props…cheese! We just did our Cabaret 2021 artwork which is below. Tonight, I am working on the song, ‘Cabaret’ for it. I really love the lyrics…”start by admitting from cradle to tomb, isn’t that long a stay.” and yes…”what good is sitting alone in a room? Come hear the music play.” That’s the spirit!

This years Christmas Cabaret (with cheese), raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

I was very impressed by the first couple of episodes in a new series, Mare of Easttown (not to be confused with the Mayor of Casterbridge!), with Kate Winslet. I think it’s going to be very good and it’s so well put together and on Now TV/Sky. Kate Winslet is superb in this – very believable, very gritty. It’s HBO – that in itself is a good enough reason to watch it. If you fancy an usual film, I also liked Winslet playing the dressmaker in…The Dressmaker. It starts like a western, but instead of a sheriff arriving to sort out a troubled town, it starts with a dressmaker returning home with her Singer sewing machine. It reminds me of an Aussie version of Chocolat – with chocolate being swapped for beautiful dresses.

A walk outside. CP in pose number 47. Gorgeous weather and I LOVE the buildings too.

On Saturday, I had my very first proper trip out in SO long. CP and I went to Canary Wharf. It felt almost normal, except we couldn’t have breakfast in LPQ’s (we had a takeaway in the park instead) or a glass of wine and some bread and balsamic vinegar in Waitrose, midway through our shopping. Very few shoppers were in the centre and it had strict Covid regs in place. We were very careful and remained masked and cleaning our hands almost nonstop. Clearly, I am a city lover. When you’re in a city, the world feels as though it’s on your doorstep, with endless things to do and places to visit. I really hate dismal country pubs with dusty floorboards and muddy carparks – give me a gleaming cafe in Covent Garden any day! I don’t like country walks either, yes, I appreciate trees and green things, but once you’ve seen one, you’ve pretty much seen them all. Everything in every city is different. If I am walking, I want to look at people and buildings and be on my way to Peggy Porschen’s for a slice of cake. Tenterden is as rural as I can manage. I definitely wouldn’t live anywhere I couldn’t walk to the shops in a few minutes or grab a coffee. I love buzzing restaurants and theatres and plush hotels…I can dream!

Canary Wharf. This is my kind of view.

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