Shanti Bhavan and Gnarls Barkely.

I’ve just done the Rolling in the Deep/Crazy medley (below), for the Hearties 2021 events – I’m already halfway through the score too. I like this one – just a nice, bouncing, singalong jumble of two songs. I’m not sure Gnarls Barkely would be happy, but I can’t have the choir singing, craze-eh. We are much too English for all that overly American rubbish – we certainly aren’t gangster rappers. As expected my voice is going now, so I finished the missing parts and slotted them in like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, but it’s a very rough vocal. When I am arranging a song, I never just go straight through it. I work on different sections and go back and forth until it does what I want it to. There is lots of copying and pasting as sections are repeated – this isn’t a lazy way of doing it, it’s a safe way, to ensure I don’t sing a repeated section differently while eating a packet of Wotsits.

Here is Amigo III with his Lego house – he says it’s the one from the film, Up.

Shanti Bhavan. No, it’s not a spiced potato dish, it’s a truly amazing school. If you get a chance and have Netflix, this documentary series is SO good. The Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project is a charitable, US/Indian organisation based in Bangalore, India. Each year, they take 12 boys and 12 girls (aged 4) from the poorest of the poor families (known as ‘untouchables’), bring them to the school and basically, raise and educate them. The children then live at the school (except for a couple of short holidays home) and are beautifully looked after. They are basically being given the best childhood possible – from nutritious meals, to comfy beds, clothing, love and care and importantly, an amazing education. They are then funded, as they go off to the worlds best universities too! Most of these children come from areas with no running water or electricity and no chance of any kind of future. The plan is that the children will thrive at the school and go on to have brilliant careers and then, they are taught to ‘pass it on’ and go back to their family home and support them in many ways. These children are the first in their families to be given freedom – freedom to live the life they want and the ability to shape a better future for others less fortunate. If I was a person with no strings attached to me, I would want to go and work there in it’s music department or mini theatre. However, I’ve never fancied going to India because there are nine species of Tarantulas living there and heaps of gruesome bugs. Indian food is also something I’d rather give a miss – coriander, mango…

Everybody walk the dinosaur!

Took Amigo II swimming today. He has a weekly lesson. It’s VERY nerve-racking to watch him take his first strokes as he bobs about. Yesterday, I asked him what I liked to drink. He thought for a long time and said, “a cup potty.” A cup of tea! xx

Life rolls along so quickly! 11 weeks already.
Rolling Crazy 2021. © Arr. Max Wilson.

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