Grease, Apple Mac, Endoscopy.

I’m still pushing through with show songs and yesterday, I did a re-write of Hopelessly Devoted. This will be going in cabaret and Think Pink Girlie nights. Right now, this very minute, I’m doing Crazy (Gnarls Barkley). I am singing as much as possible as I had an endoscopy today and I know from experience, that tomorrow, I will have a very raspy voice that will last several days. Sarah and I sang Hearties songs en route while I am still in action. I think having an anaesthetic would cause less damage, as you would be fast asleep, but I always choose to do it without one. This is partly because I am stupid and always go for the tough option and partly because I can’t stand the thought of hanging around at the hospital for a minute longer than is essential. I honestly sound like the girl in The Exorcist as I lay there gagging and coughing. It’s a bit like childbirth – at the time it’s dreadful, but you quickly forget that and then have another baby two years later. The Barrett’s thingy is there, but seems ok and I now have a large hiatus hernia too. That sounds like a nice flower, so I’m not too disappointed about that. Other results are not in yet. I braved the local shops as my jeans are in holes (in all the wrong places). I keep putting off buying clothes until I lose weight, but this appears to be a lengthy process and I have basically run out of things to wear. I love fashion, but only on other people and I thoroughly enjoy a day spent in Canary Wharf’s boutique shops, just browsing – wondering how anyone over the age of six can fit in a size ‘4’. These days though, my own wardrobe is more inspired by Jane McDonald than Kate Blanchett, definitely a sign I am over the hill, haha. My feet will need a gradual reintroduction to proper shoes too…

The retro G3 – not much more intelligent than a toaster.

It turns out, that at 56, I am not too old to fall in love with something other than my close rabble, my offspring, their offspring…and cheese. I am very happy and very, very lucky to have such a nice little life. I have though, now seen the very handsome, hot off the press, brand new Apple iMac – jumping Jamelia! This is the most beautiful EVER computer and would make a perfect studio soulmate for me and lets face it, be a whole let less troublesome than a real, human *soulmate that snored, had ear hair and possibly a wife. First time in many years that iMacs have been coloured – I’d like the purple option, then I’d choose the super duper, very skinny, fast one (to match me, haha), twenty-four inches of pure pleasure (I was thinking to add something rude here, but thought better of it). I know not many of you would appreciate just how much I would love this work of Apple art, but I adore all things Apple and of course, spend half of my life on my iMac working. They are the instrument that I make all my music on. I’ve had my current one since early 2016, so it’s getting ready to be replaced – I am what’s classified as a very heavy user (to say the least). I actually have a couple of very old iMacs in the loft; a G3 from the late 90’s which is very retro and pink! It does very little, but is very cute. I may eventually open a Mac museum. New iMacs are very expensive, but I have come up with a cunning plan…

“I am watching you VERY closely…”

I think I may have to jump ship and go and work for THE Rock Choir (haha). An advert on one of my choir forums just popped up for a choir leader. “£1000+ per week for a talented and inspiring Rock Choir Leader in…”. It says applicants need to play some piano and sing to a “reasonable” level, have a car and a PA system. Having those commodities makes you a good choir leader? It doesn’t mention a love of singing and people, a drive to pull communities together, or a necessity to help out where we can. I am so pleased to see many well known, independent, choirs are thriving now and growing enormously. Everything has it’s day and in our country, there are thousands of wonderful (affordable!) choirs, just waiting for theirs. The Independents all offer their own unique styles, as unique as their MD’s, teachers and members and because of that, there is one to suit everyone! xxxx

If it fits a tiny dog, it will fit a hairless cat.
Hopelessly Devoted – simple arrangement for Think Pink. © Arr. Max Wilson.

*I don’t really believe in soulmates.

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