And the winner is…

The Rockits new website! It’s still under construction, but now we are (fingers crossed) returning to some form of normality, I felt it was time to give the Rockits online home a very good spring clean! It is a bit like our shops getting ready to welcome customers back, painting walls, cleaning floors, stocking shelves. Websites are tricky things, because you have to get to whatever it is you need to convey, quickly. A website must be simple to navigate and uncluttered. If I was a potential newbie, what would I want to know? I would want to know who we are, what type of music we sing, where we do it, how much commitment is required and how much it costs. So, we had to work out how to show that in a series of a few photos and a couple of paragraphs. We are friendly, fun, a bit chaotic, drinking buddies, super social, cake baking, fundraising, festival loving folk. We don’t take ourselves seriously and above all, we are such a welcoming group. There is still some work to be done on the website. Take a ramble over to

As lockdown lifts, a visit to the Rare Breeds Centre.

Agnetha Faltskog (ABBA), singing The Winner Takes it All. It popped up on tv and my word, what a bloody brilliant vocal. Actually a really brilliant song. I remember the very hot summer of 1976, when I sat in our cherry trees and munched my way through pounds and pounds of black cherries. It was the year my parents turned our bungalow into a big house and we had no roof for quite some time, so it was VERY lucky it didn’t rain for ages. I was 12 that July and I remember Dancing Queen being released; ABBA’s dip into disco, which turned out to be one of the biggest ever disco hits and a guaranteed dance floor filler. I always disliked ABBA’s cheesy Europop, but they’ve written some lovely stuff as well. I always felt sorry Agnetha, as I think she was always sad and didn’t enjoy much of ABBA’s success. The Winner Takes it All, is about her marriage ending.

Amigo III – hiding in a canvas bag.

Helen McRory, the remarkable actress and wonderful whirlwind of a woman, died on Friday at just 52. I’ve loved so many things she was in, especially her role as Polly, in Peaky Blinders. Another life stolen by the monster that is cancer. When a life is good and long, it should be celebrated, and yes, so should Helen’s, but how heartbreaking for a mother to be taken from her children. Saturday was Prince Philips funeral. The Queen certainly backed the right horse, despite initial concerns when she chose Prince Philip, it was sad to see her as a wife saying goodbye to her beloved husband of 73 years. Covid meant a very small funeral for Prince Philip, which was held at Windsor Castle. I feel his life was lived so fully and so well, and how fitting that he took his final journey in a Land Rover hearse (his idea), he had helped design. There was a one minute silence at 3pm for the country to pay its respects. I hear Prince Charles may have shiny, new, consort (to the Queen) shoes!

Amigo IV is worried that his brother is holding him, haha.

Covid update. Deaths here are down 98%, BUT the rest of the world is not fairing so well. Variants are popping up which of course are hugely worrying. The latest is the highly infectious Indian variant which has emerged over here. Cases of the virus in India have skyrocketed – they recorded 1.6 million cases last week. Travel has been stopped between several countries and India now joins the list. I also notice people here are getting far too complacent now many of us are vaccinated – the lockdown has been the main reason Covid figures have fallen so dramatically. I am recommending our lot get a stash of rapid home tests for use before meeting up. On the whole, things here are looking positive. On a negative note – I wish Greta Thunberg would shut up, haha. I do agree about the climate crisis…but not her way of dealing with it. I prefer to listen to David Attenborough.

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