Dinner for a grownup puttana

It is very hot at the moment. Amigo II and I splash around in his paddling pool, in between eating lots of ice lollies and finding shady places to walk. He thinks I am three and invites me to pretend to be a dinosaur in the park – which I, of course, agree to. Haha. If you see a demented woman running around the park, thats me being a triceratops. Then, I had a lovely working lunch with Rockits Rosina – what a marvellous job she has done getting local businesses on board for the Grease screenings this Saturday. AAAHHHHH!!!! Yes! It’s THIS Saturday! We have around 40 local shops, pubs and services being advertised during the day – how wonderfully supportive and it TRULY makes it a community event. We are ticking all the final boxes on our TO DO list now – banner goes up tonight and then, we should be more or less complete. Phew! The Town Council have been incredibly supportive (thank you Claire and Phil), as have Ashford Borough Council.

Topsy Turvy Amigo III. xxx

I am definitely having Victor(ia) Meldrew spells now I am getting older. FB is the place that seems to niggle me the most, so I have cut back my social media visits to an absolute minimum. First type of annoying post is by people talking about how down they are, or how down they were and how fine they now are, because they are wonderfully strong characters. What is the point in that? Are they trying to sell something – themselves maybe? Second on the list and even worse, are the, “share this post if you care about (blah blah blah).” Sharing a post on FB is how I show I care about something? And thirdly, my current peeve, is people complaining about the hot weather. Yes, it is very hot and sticky, but also bloody lovely! How on earth does it stop people going about their day to day activities? Sure, I can understand how it may affect the elderly or the very young, but us grown ups should manage a few days of it being a bit hotter than usual? Isn’t this why we go on holiday every year?

Swirls of golden brown hair – like a delicious, golden walnut whip xxxx

I am not, of course, suggesting I am a puttana…I am though, a ‘one-pot wonder’ kind of cook. I feel quite heroic when I ladle huge amounts out of my cauldron. Yesterday though, I made Puttanesca for three, which I remembered the MFI making. The most important thing about cooking well, is to allow things time to cook properly. Puttanesca takes 1.5 hours if cooked nicely, or half an hour if you’re starving! Get, a couple of anchovies (get a little jar in olive oil), large onion, 2 cloves garlic, tin of nice quality chopped toms, a little jar of capers, handful of parsley, spaghetti. So simple to make! Finely chop onion and garlic and gently fry in olive oil for about 20 mins. Add two anchovies and break them up. Add toms and then gently cook it for a further hour. Don’t add salt… the anchovies have enough salt in them. You can add a few chopped capers if you want. Cook your spaghetti as usual, but remember NOT to throw away all the spaghetti water. Chop the parsley. When you’re ready, mix everything together and add a good splash of the spaghetti water to keep it nice and moist. Mmmmnnn. Warning – Bit salty for kids. Oh yes, puttana – that means, whore, haha. I think Puttanesca was supposed to have been invented way back, by Italian ladies of the night, who used to make it after a long, late shift at work (!!), with the few bits and bobs they had left in their fridges. xxxx

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