A week of thoughts…

Phew, it’s Friday and what a busy week! Amigo II has been a little bundle of mischievous joy to babysit from Mon-Wed. We kept super busy and went on trips to garden centres, charity shops (for diggers and dinosaurs) and to the Rare Breeds Centre in Woodchurch. It’s bloody sweltering too… Friday market this morning with Butsy. The fruit ‘n veg market has been great during lockdown.

Rare Breeds with Amigo II. Lots of wasps chasing our lollies.

Grease 2020, the Mini Movie is nearly complete! Without the enormous help of John and Caroline this would not have been possible. I have been struggling a little with sudden ups and downs and I get odd days where I don’t even have the inclination to answer the phone. I’m not a wussy person, I’m not an attention seeker and I like to think I’m strong and capable. However, I’ve had some seriously odd spells in my life and I’m used to pulling myself out of holes and I will do so again. So, I make my days busy, or else some days I’d never leave my bedroom. I guess some things just take a toll – I know the last four months that have been inflicted upon us, certainly have, but I am also unable to lie back (for long) and allow shit to happen. Mum has taken this spell very hard, so we took a little trip out to T Wells yesterday and ended up in The Ivy for lunch – it was very lovely! Flowers in the pea soup and the best tasting salmon I ever had…

Ladies that lunch in The Ivy. Thanks enormously to J and K xxxxx

If you ever meet a person that makes you feel alive, never let them go, wether they are a partner or friend. If they make you feel a better, more special person in any way, that’s invaluable, so treat it as such. Relationships of all kinds, will come and go – some will leave peacefully and some will struggle to part…but after time, plenty of time, the hurt goes, the anger fades and you can then see how you truly felt about that person. If you’re lucky, one or two may remain with you, (even if uninvited), inside your heart, or wherever it is they live inside of us. I am still learning, but I’ve discovered several things. 1. There is only one kind of currency in a truly good relationship, be it friend, family or partner. That currency is trust. Lose that and things will never be the same. 2. It’s truly awful when you lose something you believed in and cherished, before it was finished or tested and all you can then do, is wonder what would have been. 3. Every road you choose to travel down, will lead you to exactly where you are standing now. 4. Willow trees bend, people shouldn’t. Be yourself always, as being anything else is unsustainable and soul destroying. LIVE – LAUGH – LOVE.

And then, just look at their little smiling faces and all is well in the world. xxxx

And one final thought. I heard today, that 5% of individuals, use up 90% of government resources. I know some of those individuals. They never work, they use the police, Social Services and legal system to their advantage and for free too. It’s called, ‘working the system.’ That’s what all of us decent, working folk pay for and I am very glad to say, something my family have absolutely no experience of. I may not know how to work the system, and I wouldn’t want to act like a pathetic victim in order to do it, BUT, I do know how to be heard…

2 thoughts on “A week of thoughts…

  1. You are an extremely strong woman Max with an incredibly strong family. Life has been tough to your lovely family in recent months. I believe truth will prevail. Hopefully sooner rather than later x ❤ x


  2. Your strength and resolve is a truly wonderful asset and your family obviously means the world to you and you to them. Your other family, us Rockits one, think you’re a rather special lady too 😉 x


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