Come What May, its Okra!

Nanny Daycare is back in operation today, as Butsy returned to work. Amigo II did miss her on one or two occasions today, as he has been with her 24/7 for the last four months or so. We investigated dinosaurs in the shops, bought him an ice cream with blue sprinkles on, watched tractors on TV, dug things in the garden, rolled around inside a rug, ate lots of Wotsits, picked tomatoes from the garden (even the ones that weren’t ready), played with dino-trains and ran 128,000 steps.

Amigo III at the beach and on the IoW ferry.

I very much love Okra and am happy to find it in our market here in Tenterden. I wonder though if they make wallpaper paste out of the very odd, gluey, slimy water that’s left when you cook it. Okra, chickpeas and tomatoes, with a hint of spice, is one of my favourite Indian dishes. On the whole, I don’t like the food served in Indian restaurants – only the homemade variety. In my ongoing attempt to eat better (had a blip while away), I am making fridge clear-out soup (minestrone) and fish cakes with fish that I put in the freezer in the actual Ice Age. Several odd things happened today, which I think may be bad omens. 1. I went out wearing the same Sketchers in different colours. 2. Peppa killed a robin. 3. I burnt two new saucepans. 4. We accidentally smashed Amigo II’s new dino light.

Amigo II truly believed he was a dinosaur when he put this hat on…

The intro to our mini movie, Grease 2020, is so funny. SURELY once people have seen it, they will realise they aren’t about to watch the REAL Grease? There’s the MGM, 20th Century Fox and Star Wars intros – singing chipmunks and hand jiving. Great! Our Video squad (me, Caroline and John) have worked, worked AND worked. I am the entire music side and luckily, I don’t put the video’s together – I just dream up a load of complex ideas for them, haha. It would be easier to do a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle of a plate of baked beans, than to put all the dozens and dozens of clips together. Our team have also done BRILLIANTLY with getting sponsorship from the local shops in Tenterden. Well done Rosina and Caroline. BUY LOCAL! Onwards and upwards for the choral group with todays song, Come What May. It sounds fully jumbly, as it’s quite intricate and will give our singers insomnia and possibly a nervous breakdown. It’s going to be an exercise in volume control, with the main lines switching between groups; this is usually sung with soloists too. Not any more! I’ve kept a couple of bits that I had in the old version. It’s down below…there is a VERY growly final note for the low group. It’s SO low that I had to search my very, very low places to find it. xxx

D’ya wanna be in my gang? My gang at Blackgang Chine. Brilliant blue sea behind…
‘Come What May’ is in progress. © Arr. Max Wilson.

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