Almighty Blighty.

Oh England, my Lionheart… the Isle of Wight is so pretty. We are staying in Shanklin; first time in the IoW for most of us. I am amazed the Hymer didn’t sink the ferry as we packed it to the rafters with SO much stuff – I think I have also got far too much food and will have to start force-feeding everyone. Motorhomes are a great way to socially isolate, while getting a change of scenery. CP and I walked down to the picturesque, old town in Shanklin, hardly anyone around, then wandered down the Chine (mini waterfall etc) and down to the seafront esplanade and saw all the kids in the distance, building sandcastles on the sandy beach. What a lovely memory – first we saw Ol and his lot, walked a bit further and then saw Butsy and hers. So sweet. Butsy, bless her, is really struggling with sickness, as she did with Amigo II for well over six months, but she’s soldiering on. It feels very safe to be out and about in Shanklin, even though we’re still in the Covid crisis; the perfect beaches are not in the least crowded. Far less people wandering around this beautiful seaside resort than we have at home!

Shanklin Old Town – chocolate box cute.

As holiday destinations go, this is BRILLIANT if you have little ones, OR if you’re ancient and want a peaceful break. Forget it if you’re in your 20s and wanting to party. It’s relaxed and officially the warmest place in Britain. There is LOADS to do; zoos, parks, a crazy amount of crazy golf and all manner of stuff, all packed on this tiny island. You can’t go a mile without finding something else of interest. It feels like you’re properly abroad on holiday, yet only takes a few hours to reach, nothing is expensive to buy, lovely affordable accommodation and for those less well off, loads of campsites (tents aren’t my thing though!).

Ol’s clan having a paddle xxx

The U.K. have done incredibly well with research into Covid cures and treatments. It seems the best in the world. First, a life-saving medicine, a basic steroid, found to reduce deaths in the vulnerable by a third, was discovered here. The best candidate vaccine is also from the U.K. and likely to be ready by late autumn. Wop bam BOOM!!! Too much Grease stuff in my head… Anyway, it’s been a rocky ride through Covid, with lots knocking the government; was lockdown too late? Are we out too soon? Then there’s the whole mask debate. Generally, lots of our population failed and I think the government have kept us afloat through uncertain seas. Too many selfish people around, ignoring the guidelines too – much better attention to distancing here in the IoW.

Shanklin Beach.

Woody Allen films all have such tempting titles…and I want to REALLY like them, but I rarely do. I know it’s cool to be a Woody fan and I have enjoyed bits and bobs, but really, all the neurotic characters, often based on himself, are a bit too much for me. Maybe I should try harder though – maybe I am missing the point.

Anyone for a swim? xxx

1 thought on “Almighty Blighty.

  1. My sister in law has a mobile home on the IoW and adores it. We’ve been too and as you say, so pretty and lots to see. So glad you’re having an awesome time with the family. Although isolation has been trying at times, I for one feel more connected to everyone through doing the iso-songs, have missed the weekly sessions enormously, but got to know some lovely people from the Tenterden group. Thank you for keeping me going through the Covid stuff. X


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