Toombo Iso. Just pass it on…

Toombo iso, or tumbuiza, means, to soothe or calm. Todays song is one of my dad’s favourite’s (he likes it covered by Joe Cocker) and he’s said a few times that the choir ought to sing it. Well, it seemed the time to give it a crack. The sentiment was just SO right for now. It’s about supporting those around us and the fact that they don’t owe us for that support AND in turn, they should pass that support on to others. Simple. When we get back to singing we will learn this and we will laugh at the loud HA! that pops up throughout the song. Definitely not good for any of our ladies lacking good bladder control hahaha.

Amigo II getting some fresh air with mummy and daddy. xxx

Rockits – you are the kindest ever! I will stop moaning about foods I already miss, because you are so sweet, that you actually came to my rescue. I will stop whinging, as I am nearly 56 and can deal without mini cheddars and crusty bread haha. Today, I had lots of exciting deliveries including foody treats of strong flour and yeast, so I can bake bread! How thoughtful is that! I am going to attempt this tomorrow! Then, I opened my door to find a little bag of warm, freshly baked bread rolls tied to my letter box, baked by the renowned pastry chef, Menzies-Sacher. Then…another gift of millionaires shortbread and carrot cake! There’s more…then the most beautiful book. It was like Christmas without the pudding and The Sound of Music on TV.

Your true colours, are beautiful, like a rainbow. Amigo II – still dino crazy xxxxx

With the country basically now in lock down, there’s not a lot to do other than get on with our odd lives, in our very tidy houses, for the foreseeable future. I usually spend most of my days in my little studio, so at times, I forget what is actually going on. PLEASE stay safe Rockits and Ramblers. PLEASE keep in touch – go on the website and join in with the activities. Big love to you all. xxxxxxx

Stargazers. xx
Just pass it on. © Arr. Max Wilson.

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